Saturday ‘12’ Road Ride – 31st March

Paul Cunningham will be leading the Saturday ’12’ this week.

He is going to take you all on a trip to Totnes. 🙂

The route from Paul:

You’ll head to Totnes via the Erme Valley returning via Kingsbridge Hill and Diptford with a cafe stop at the Steamer Quay Cafe which re-opens on Sat 17th March.

Please remember this group will aim to ride at around 12mph. If you are unsure as to whether you can ride at this pace it might be worth trying out the Wednesday ’10’ first. If riding in a group is new for you then check out our information underneath of the YOGi info tab called Road Ride Etiquette.

Have fun folks and meet at 9am B&Q Coypool as usual. 🙂

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