Saturday ‘12’ Road Ride – 4th August

Once again we have no volunteers for leading this ride so our contingency approach prevails!

Firstly though if you would like to volunteer by all means post in the comments below to say so and ideally include an outline of your chosen route.  As ever first to respond has it!

Just turn up for the usual 9 am start and mutually decide the route and the all important cafe stop.   Also the oft’ repeated reminder for all to contibute to ensuring the pace remains very close to the stated average.  Yep that is 12 mph and the need to ensure everyone rides safeley and with consideratioin to other road users and fellow riders.

For anyone planning on using this ride to try riding with YOGi Cycling please read our ‘Rides Ethos’ (at the bottom of the Rides Update Sticky Post and the ‘Guide to Group Riding, both articles elsewhere on this ‘News Page’.

Please be aware this is our slowest Saturday ride but it is only fair to be able to maintain this pace, so others enjoy a ride at the level they are expecting, if you are unsure of being able to keep up, best try a Wed ’10’ first and we will help gauge your level. If it’s too slow stick with it and move up to a faster option the following ride.

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