Saturday ‘12’ Road Rides – 6th October

Yes it does say ‘Rides’:  We are in the lucky position of having enough volunteer leaders this week to offer two seperate rides again.  Going by the very high number who turned up last Saturday for this level of ride that can only be good news!

It would help our pre ride organisation if you arrive knowing which of the two you are joining.

Ski and Ray are joint leading this shorter option:-

Ridgeway – Lee Mill – Ivybridge -Wrangaton – Ermington – Noss Mayo – Kitley (cake and coffee stop here) – Yealmpton – Elburton –  Coypool.

Yorkes recognising that some of you like a ’12’ paced ride but of a longer distance is offering this option:- 

Ivybridge – Bittaford, left up the little hill under the viaduct – South Brent and up past the railway station –  Rattery – Totnes (cake and coffee at the Steamer Quay Cafe to make one last call beforew winter closing) – Kingsbridge Hill – Harbenford – Diptford –  Then a choice of down through Diptford to Avonwick or keep right and back to Marley Head and home through South Brent.   If it is via Avonwick then it is home via Wrangaton.   And for the hungrier members of the ride a second cafe stop at Wrangaton Cafe.

Please be aware these are our slowest Saturday ride(s) but it is only fair to be able to maintain this pace, so others enjoy a ride at the level they are expecting.  If therefore you are unsure of being able to keep up, best try a Wed ’10′ first and we will help gauge your level.  If it’s too slow stick with it and move up to a faster option the following ride.

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