Saturday 14-16 Road ride – 16th Sept

Andy Greaves is your man this week, his plan as follows;

Saturday 16th Sept – Yogi AGM ride 14-16 group

Starting from Yelverton at 9.30am and finishing at Yelverton this week (in line with all club rides), the route will be as follows –

From Yelverton we head towards Walkhampton and Huckworthy bridge, Leetown, Sampford Spinney and Moorshop.We take a left here and head into Tavistock. Once in Tavistock its a right and head out to Lydford. From Lydford we follow the road all the way back to Tavistock and head to Bobs Cafe for a coffee.

After this stop we head back out of Tavistock and head towards Lamerton, we then turn and head towards Gulworthy. From here we head back into Tavistock, then following the back roads through Whitchurch and Walkhampton and back to Yelverton in plenty of time for the AGM.

The route is 41 miles with 4000ft elevation.
pace will be as above.
route can be viewed here –

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