Saturday 14 Road Ride – 14th June

With the Dartmoor Classic on next week a slightly shorter route for this week’s ride, but, including a visit to the coast seeing as how we are in for some good weather 🙂

It’s a well trodden route heading out from Marsh Mills and down to the ferry, we’ll be riding through the middle of town so lots of discipline please.  We’ll be at the ferry for 09:45 so anyone wanting to join us there we will not leave before that time.

From the ferry it’s the direct route down towards Hessenford and then down the river valley into Seaton.  The intention is to stop at Seaton..if they are now open again….it will be good to give them some support after their winter!  From Seaton it’s only a short climb up to the top of the cliff and expect some stunning views as we head back along the cliff top.  When we reach Tregantle we shall regroup and ask the time honoured question…’who would like to head back the longer road around Kingsand and Millbay?’…for those that do then they will split off while the main ride will head back through Anthony and onto the ferry. After the ferry it’s the reverse route back through town and into Marsh Mills.

Full route to be found here

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