Saturday 14 Road Ride – 7th March….a trip up North!

Forecast is dry with Southerly winds…that should be warm then!! Fingers crossed the Met Office has it right again and should make for a nice jaunt to the North anti clockwise around Lydford. and Chillaton

Route is a nice steady warm up down the Plymbridge cycle track to Yelverton, considerate as ever we’ll not leave the car park there before 10 and hence no excuses for missing the ride for our late risers…you all know who you are!! From Yelverton we’ll head down through Walkhampton and on to Moorshop and down Batterbridge, turning right on the Okehampton road we’ll stay tight and safe as we head on to Mary Tavy.  Hanging a left and we’ll be following the reverse part of the Classic route, down towards Brentor and then right down to Lydford where we turn left and have a lovely descent before passing through Chillaton, nice easy stretch now and we’ll be at that lovely fast stretch down into Tavistock…which of course means a visit to Bob’s in the pannier market.

The route back IS via Pork, Merrivale and Princetown then back down to Yelverton and a tight group across Roughborough Down! …….and for those who do not wish to complete the full ride then the option to bail out and head back via Whitchurch and Horrabridge is of course there!!…ride leader will be doing the full route 🙂

Full route can be found here

59 miles with just over 5K of bumpy bits…flat! 🙂

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6 Responses to Saturday 14 Road Ride – 7th March….a trip up North!

  1. Alex Warren says:

    “late risers…you all know who you are” I suspect I may be one of the people at whom this comment is aimed. I take it as a challenge Mr G.

  2. Alex Haste says:

    Looks a great route, just cant get away with riding both days this weekend. So will focus on the Velodrome, hope this route is posted again in the future

  3. Chris Sammels says:

    This route description seems just too easy. I can’t quite put my finger on why.

  4. Chris Glazier says:

    Ok…so the leader wimped out and avoided the Princetown option! Have to say that was a tough ride today, wind added that little bit extra to the challenge that has left me certainly with a pair of complaining legs!

    Weather stayed good to us, couple of mechanicals which added a bit of time to the ride, but all in all another great ride..thanks to all.

    Have to say a well done to Carl who persevered and stayed in touch with the group…and to paul B who did a great job of helping him around.

    To the hard men on the front into the wind…there were several!….thank heavens for your charity!! 🙂

    Great fun and loads of smiles at the end……thanks.

    ps…53 miles on the clock at 14.6 av….some should have had a slightly faster average than that


  5. Carl Rugman says:

    Great route today although my performance was awful for a 14′ rider. Don’t know where my energy has gone. Big thanks to Paul and Chris for babysitting me along the route and sorry to the group for slowing you down at the junctions.

  6. Mick Pryde says:

    Thanks for a great ride Chris. First 14 ride of the year for me and good to stretch the legs a bit . Enjoyed the long climb out of Chillaton, even with a headwind, (thanks Chris B ), not done that one before, it went on a bit. Well done Carl for sticking with it

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