Saturday 14 Road Ride – 10th January

Hi all,

Looks like it’s another week where ignoring the weather forecast until 07:30 on ride morning is the way to go. Yep we have to hope it is wrong again (‘we’ being those who share my appreciation of wet starts!). I can picture the scene all over the UK, wake up, look out of the window, see it’s raining and think “Mmm back to bed”. Oh wait, “no can’t do that I’ve just made a new year promise to do more miles than my lowly 2014 effort”. Err will I………., won’t I……….?   Amateur psychologists now prepare your character assassinations!

Anyway for those who decide they ‘will’, we will take this route:- (to keep to sensibly low altitudes and a few cut off points if we so choose).

Plympton – Sparkwell – Tin Park Hill – Wotter – Cadover Bridge – Burrator – Walkhampton – Horrabridge – Moretown – Harford Bridge – Brentor Road – Tavistock (coffee at Bobs East End Café) – Whitchurch – Horrabridge – Yelverton – Home

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