Saturday 14 Road Ride – 13th April

I thought I’d better write this one up while it’s dry, warmer, not so windy and I consequently am feeling enthusiastic about my riding (typing quickly now!!).

This week, if the weather stays as it is (or improves), we’ll be riding to Slapton Ley.

Meeting at B&Q for 09:00, we’ll be riding out via Ivybridge, Wrangaton, California Cross and up the Gara Bridge climb. Here there are a couple of options to return to Plymouth via the Avon Mill cafe at Loddiswell but the main ride will proceed through some back-roads  towards Bowcomb Creek on the East side of Kingsbridge before heading East again on the A379 to Torcross where we’ll be stopping in the Torcross Boathouse.

After the stop we’ll head along Slapton Ley (praying for a Westerly wind!) and up to Strete. Here we turn right and head to meet the main Dartmouth road near Woodlands. It’s then back to Morleigh and cut through to Marlley Head, South Brent, Ivybridge and home.

67 miles (B&Q to B&Q) / 5225 feet

(Pressing “publish” now before looking at the weather!!!)

  Our Ethos
  • We welcome all newcomers.
  • Our bikes are in a safe to ride condition.
  • We wear helmets on all road and MTB rides.
  • For safety reasons any type of music ear phones will not be worn, this ensures you can hear messages about cars/obstructions/directions as passed down the line.
  • We ride with front and rear lights in poor visibility and within normal lighting up hrs.
  • We remain aware that we are riding under the YOGi Cycling Banner and do not behave in a manner that can harm the clubs reputation. This means following all traffic rules, riding in single file when cars are behind, and refusing to get involved in any kind of abuse with other road users, no matter what the provocation
  • Caring passionately about the trails we ride
  • Everyone shares our ethos and ensures YOGi Cycling is seen as an exemplary cycling club
  • Everyone brings spare inner tubes and basic tools
  • We do not leave anyone stranded so shout loudly if you have a mechanical/puncture we will stop and assist
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