Saturday 14 Road Ride – 15th December

The Saturday 14 is going to be led by our one and only Mr Chris Glazier this week! 😉

He wants you all to partake of some fresh sea air, as it is supposed to be good for the lungs I understand…., so you are heading across the Torpoint ferry to Seaton in Cornwall.

The route will be:

From B&Q Coypool to the ferry. Anyone wishing for a lie in (or just generally lazy – tee hee) 😉  can meet the ride down there for 09:45am.  After that you are off to St John (oh we do like the hills around St John!), Milbrook, Kingsand/Cawsand and along the coast to Seaton – yeehaw! Coffee and cake to fuel you before heading back via Hessenford and Polbathic to Torpoint.

Approx distance is thought to be about 45 miles.

Meet 9am B&Q Coypool or 9.45am at the ferry for more fun on the bike!

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