Saturday 14 Road Ride – 22nd November

Having procrastinated long enough in the forlorn hope the weather forecast will improve, it hasn’t really done so! But with positive head firmly planted I remind myself that it is better to ignore them anyway.  Instead at 7:30 on Saturday morning take a cursory glance through the curtains and decide whether to go back to the warmth of the duvet or shove the pre ride porridge in to the microwave and jump in the shower.  But when you are leading the ride it’s not quite so easy to do that without feeling extra guilty!  Nevertheless here’s my caveat, if it’s really wet and hence unlikely there will be much of a turn out I may well revert to the duvet trick anyway:(  If so those hardy soles who tough it out can take the route below without me.  I’ll stand by for the fair weather rider comments like a man :)!

So route whether I lead or not is:-

Leigham – Roborough – Green Lane – Crapstone – Denham Bridge – Gulworthy – Tavistock (cafe stop at Bobs Eastend Cafe) – Head up towards Pork Hill – Left turn for Samford Spinney – Walkhampton – Burrator – Duez Alpes (in reverse ) – Home

The thinking is that this route is never that far away from Plymouth with numerous options for cutting back should the likely wet weather eventually reduce our famed motivation. 🙂

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