Saturday 14 Road Ride – 26th July

Jez has got it all wrong fancy deciding to work rather than ride!  Okay he was sort of coerced!  I’m sure he is delighted 🙁  Even more so knowing it is going to be warm and sunny = perfect riding day!

Anyway now you have been prepped for an all downhill route, thought the best I can do is head to the moor and at least that way there is the option of an all downhill return leg. 

So with a nice, scenic and gentle warm start, route is:-

Plym Valley to Yelverton (pick up anyone wanting a lie in here at 09:45 ish) – Princetown – Two Bridges – Post Bridge – Belliver – down Coffin Stone 🙂 – Dartmeet – Princetown Cafe stop at The Fox Tor where depending on individual preferences/ time constraints/how hot it is, we can split up and do any of:-

  • straight back to Plymouth
  • Burrator – Sheepstor – Duez Alpes in reverse – Home
  • Tavistock – Whitchurch – Yelverton Home 



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