Saturday 14 Road Ride – 29th November

Hi all,

I will be guiding the 14 ride this week. I’m running this ride in full winter training mode (easy going with extra cake) as am really unfit at the mo lol. A good time for any 12 riders thinking of stepping up to the 14 ride to do so, enjoy.

From our usual start point, B&Q car park at Plympton 09:00am, we will head out along the cycle track to Yelverton (we will drop onto the road just before end of the track to avoid the muddy bit), here is a chance for anyone wishing to join us here to do so (09:35ish).From Yelverton it’s onto towards Princetown and Two Bridges. At Two Bridges we will take a left and continue on until just before Postbridge, It’s a right turn here to go around the back of Belliver Forest. It’s then the 20% descent of Dartmeet. On our return leg we will be stopping at one of the Yogi’s top café stops – the Fox Tor at Princetown. Ride distance 48 miles.









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