Saturday 14 Road Ride – 2nd November

John Ambrose has kindly volunteered to lead this Saturday’s ride. If anyone else fancies leading a ride one Saturday, leave a note in the comments below.

This week’s ride takes us on a meandering route across the moor to Brentor on a similar route we did on the AGM ride. I have tried to keep to roads that are likely to be clear of mud, leaves and branches after this week’s blustery weather. It’s about 45 miles with a cafe stop after 32 miles at Bob’s cafe.

Starting at B&Q it’s Duez Alps, Cadover, Meavy, Dousland, across Whitchurch Down to Tavi and climb to Gullworthy. It’s then rolling roads to Brentor and downhill back to Tavi. After the cafe stop its home via Whitchurch and Horrabridge and a dash back via Roborough Down.

I’ve not got many miles in this month so could be flagging come the end. See you there.

John Ambrose.

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