Saturday ‘14’ Road Ride – 6th October

Peloton Queens delegation skills have kicked in this week and as I’m leading the ’14’ I’ve also been given the pleasure of posting it!  That might be because it’s her sort of route………………..and she is too excited to write about it!

This ride long ago dubbed ‘The Seven Bridges Ride’ is a shorter than recent rides option but makes up for that with it’s typical to the Tamar Valley kick ups and downs.  It does cross at least 7 bridges hence the name, count them and if there are more comment below and we might have to rename it!

So the route is:-

Leigham – Crapstone (via Yeoland Lane) – Buckland Monochorum  – Denham Bridge – Gulworthy – Gunnislake – Luckett – Horsebridge – ChipShop – Tavistock (cafe stop at Bob’sEast End Cafe) – Then split the group by deciding who wants to do either,

– Whitchurch – Horrabridge – Yelverton – Roborough – return to Coypool (43 miles)

or for the super keenies,

Pork Hill – Merryvale – Princetown (second cafe stop anyone!) – Yelverton – Roborough return to Coypool (approx 52 miles).

The usual plea: Please do your bit to ensure we stay together, share covering the junctions and ride in a way that ensures everyones enjoyment and of course safety.

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