Saturday 14 Road Ride – 7th September

Well sadly looks like for at least this weekend the fantastic summer is going to break up.  So unless anyone has a particular route they would like to suggest and lead (and great if you do!) then please post details in comments below.  Otherwise we will confirm one of the two options below tomorrow eve or even on Sat morn when we meet, by which time the weather situ will be that bit more certain.

If it looks like being mainly dry we will head to Roadford Reservoir which is circa 65 miles, if the current prediction for heavy rain proves accurate then it will a shorter route  based on the Tavistock – Princetown hilly route which has the benefit of numerous short cut options.  Yeah my love of wet riding is infamous!  Hence if anyone else wants to lead then volunteers greatly appreciated.

For either route if anyone who wants to meet us at Yelverton then see you there at around 10 am.

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