Saturday 14 Road Ride – 9th November

I know we usually associate Looe with summer ice cream and blue shark fishing but for something slightly different we will head that way this Saturday.  Weather forecast looks showery but hey it’s usually wrong!  Why is it a little different?  Well we will take the very quiet, scenic but pretty lumpy coast road from Seaton, a road I don’t think we have used for some years (I’ll stand by for the corrections!).

Actual route is Embankment – Cattedown – Notte Street – Millbay Road (to avoid the city centre) – Torpoint – Polbathic – Hessenford – Seaton – Looe Hill – Monkey Sanctuary – Looe (cafe stop) – Widegates – Polbathic – Torpoint – Home.

Anyone want that extra 30 mins in bed then meet us at the Ferry approx 09:45 /10:00.

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