Saturday 15-17 Road Ride 2nd March

With a rapidly changing weather forecast a bit of flexibility may be called for tomorrow, but as I type this it’s not looking too bad with no rain until later in the day and blowy but not strong winds!

So once again we’ll try to pick up a tailwind home (hahaha!) by heading in to Cornwall. From HQ we’ll head to the bridge, on to Callington and Coads Green before dropping down to Rilla Mill and up, (and up and up) to Minions! It’s then usually a pretty good run to Looe via Dobwalls and Duloe – fast decent from Duloe just a couple of bends to watch out for.

Refreshments in Looe then it’s a lumpy return through Hessenford and Polbathic before heading back to the ferry and home.

No map for this one but reckon it’s about 60-65 with a good amount of climbing. If the forecast changes or conditions worsen there are plenty of options to cut it short (unless we get as far as Looe, only really one option at that point!!).

Still a ‘step up’ ride so pace will be appropriate for those that are out, not to late to come and join the merry band if you want to give it a go!!

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