Saturday ‘16’ AND Saturday ‘14’ Road Rides – 4th August

This week the plan is for the Sat ’14’ to take the same route and follow the Sat ’16’.

So anyone who fancies having a go at the 16 could do so and then have the option of dropping back if they want to. How thoughtful are we hey!

Ian Roberts is going to lead the Saturday ’16’ and Andy Westcott the Saturday ’14’ and the route as follows:

You will head out from B&Q to Buckfast Abbey via the usual route, from there you will ride to Poundsgate where you will climb (a bit). Don’t worry it’s not that bad, it can’t be as I’ve done it! 😉

You’ll then head on to Dartmeet, down the hill and up t’other side and on to Princetown where you’ll have your cafe stop at the Fox Tor. 🙂

After that it’s the usual ride home (my favourite), from Princetown to Yelverton and then back to Plymouth.

Aprox distance is 50 miles and the route is listed here: (Please bear in mind we will be doing this route the other way around than the map)

As usual meet at the far end of the car park B&Q Coypool  at 9am.

Please remember that our Saturday rides are aimed to enable everyone to ride as a group. As such remember to be mindful of the pace of the ride that you are on, respect your fellow riders by ensuring all stay together and adhere to the highway code. Oh and remember to listen to the ride leader!

Have fun folks!

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