Saturday 16 Ride – 4th October

With the weather turning cooler and becoming a bit more autumnal the route for this week heads north but I have a cunning plan. OK, not so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel, but if the forecast is right we should have the wind behind us on the way home!

So the route…Form YOGi HQ it’s Deux Alpes, Cadover and Yeleverton.  We’ll optimistically aim to be here for 9:45 but we’ll probably be closer to 10, if you miss us you can always join the 12 ride!  Then’s it’s out through Walkhampton and the Jordan Lane climb out of Horrabridge.  We’ll head over the common and down Batteridge where we take a short hop up the A386 to Mary Tavy, cut across to Brentor and then on to Lydford.  Now the fun really starts as we try to pick our way through the lanes and across to the old A30! Then it’s on to Launceston but a slightly different route home back through Milton Abbot.  At Carr’s Garage we’ll turn and head across to Gulworthy before dropping into the valley at Denham Bridge up past Buckland Abbey and back to base.

We’ll aim to stop at the Pie Stop in Launceston around 40 miles in although happy to go with the flow.  Route is 67 miles and can be found here!

Pace will be determined by the group riding but is expected to be steady and as with all rides we’ll stick together and regroup after the bigger climbs.  Be brave if you’re thinking about stepping up, we’ll be gentle…!! 😀

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