Saturday 16 Road Ride – 14th March – STEADY PACE!!

This week the Saturday 16 ride will intentionally be run at a slightly steadier pace than normal, we’re aiming for somewhere around 15-16mph but will adjust pace according to those who ride. We hope that some of the usual suspects who have been off for a little while will be back to join us…you know who you are!! 🙂

If you’ve been thinking about making the jump to the 16 ride this week could be an ideal time to step up and join us. You’ll find the same friendly welcome you’d expect on any YOGi ride and a great little group of riders.

The route will be out to Ermington, up the valley and across to California cross before dropping down to Gara Bridge and up to Morleigh. Plenty of options on route here and depending on the consensus we’ll either turn left and head towards Dartmouth or right and cut across to Slapton. After that it’s one of my favourite roads back to Kingsbridge. Bit of a climb out from here and then the drop down to Avon Mill where I’d suggest we stop for coffee (the farm shop is the other option). Then it’s Loddsiwell and back to Cali Cross, around to Modbury and either back in through Ermington or Yealmpton to be decided when we get close!

Route is mostly like the one you’ll find here!

So with a friendly welcome, a guarantee of a more modest pace, a cracking route with options to shorten or extend what are you waiting for…you know it makes sense!! 😀

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