Saturday 16 Road Ride – 19th October

Group A and B – Anybody welcome

led by Jim Scott

Functional Threshold Ride
This Sat we’ll conduct a training ride to work out our Functional Threshold Power (FTP) , after which you can calculate your training zones. A FTP test can be done in many ways but one of the simplest is to do 2 x 8 minute maximal effort rides, separated by a 10 minute easy spin and preceded by a 30(ish) min warm up. Your FTP is 90% of that.

The plan will be to leave B&Q 9am and go out to Ermington via Plympton, Lee Mill and Ivybridge doing a few fast paced efforts to open up the legs on the way. We will congregate at the start of the 10 mile TT course (approx 500 meters SW Ermington) on the A3121 and then set off individually at intervals for the 8 min max test. After 8 mins, ease off the pace, drop a few gears, turn around, and spin back to the start to let your legs recover for 10 mins before doing it again. For each of the 2 x 8 min efforts it is important that you ride at a steady maximum power throughout, this will mean slowly getting up to speed (approx 45 sec to a minute) and then holding it for the full 8 mins – don’t go out like a bat out of hell from the start as you’ll quickly fade and the result will be meaningless. Also don’t hold back on the first to save yourself for the second, you’ll be surprised how well you recover in the 10 min easy spin period. After the 2nd test ride we will congregate up at Wrangaton. We’ll either then go on a 2 hour base ride (with a refreshment stop) or if you’re absolutely whacked you can ride home or alternatively, if you wish to come out just for the base ride only that’s fine.

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