Saturday 16 Road Ride – 26th April

Hi all,

This week’s ride, weather permitting is 80 miles with 2250m of climbing. Cafe stop is at 50 miles half way up Haytor. I have not included a strava map this time as the route is easy to follow on well known roads, I pre-rode it last week and other than 3 sets of temp lights in the Teign valley the route is clear.

From b&q we follow the old A38 to Chudleigh knighton, then follow the lovely Teign valley, then we climb the even lovelier Docombe climb (lots of new smooth tarmac) and descend to Mortenhampstead. From here we follow the main road to Bovey Tracey and then start the climb to Haytor. The cafe stop is at Ullacombe farm shop half way up. After the cafe we cont over Haytor and descend to Ashburton, then it’s back the usual route to home.

Plan is to ease the pace a bit until after Ashburton to have fresh legs to enjoy the main course. If the weather is very grim we can stop off at Buckfast Abbey then return. If it’s a bit grim we can cut out the Teign Valley and head straight up Haytor. If it’s ok the whole route is on. It’s about 3 1/2hrs riding to the cafe stop so bring some food to keep you going. We can stop in mortenhampstead for water top ups in the co-open. There are free refills of coffee in the cafe, the extra cup is a welcome boost to the climb that awaits.

See you there, John Ambrose.

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