Saturday 16 Road Ride – 27th July

Hi all,

Rob has come up with something a bit different for this week’s 16, working on group riding, highly recommended.

From B&Q 9am, we will ride out to Burrator where we will complete some laps, perhaps about 10, focusing on our group riding skills. We will work on keeping the group tight and transitions smooth and will keep the speed right down so we can practise our skills. We could put some sprints if we feel like it. Then we will head up to the Fox Tor cafe and this is a chance for anybody who wants to open their lungs and test their legs. Slower riders can go the short way round and faster ones via Pork and Merrivale. Then its back to Plymouth with choice of route to be decided on the day. The ride is open and exact details depend on who turns up and what we feel like on the day. This is a good opportunity to ride with 16s since options are numerous , however there will definitely be a focused period of group riding.

Rob Barnes.

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