Saturday 16 Road Ride – 28th September

Winter Training Group Begins!

This week there are two rides – or there could be! (Please read the post Winter Training and the 16).

Group A
At present there is no ride planned with Ant and Andy doing the Mid Devon CC hill climb. This means that it is a come along on the morning and arrange something or ride with the B’s instead.

Group B – “Training Group”
Led by Rob Barnes
Approx 65 miles
Base training/endurance

The route takes us out to Denham Bridge, then along the ridge to Chillaton, and then up to the old A30 to ride to Launceston for a cafe stop. The workman’s cafe gives exceptional value for money. We then head south before joining the main road just north of Callington. We then ride back via Pillaton and Hatt. Estimated 65 miles. Pace consistent base tempo.

After Denham Bridge the road is long and flat suitable for the group skill of paired riding. We will adopt this formation as much as possible with the front paired riders pealing off on the inside allowing the following pairs to follow through. Between Launceston and Callington the roads are also suitable for group riding skills and we can do some pace line practise at a slow tempo. At times we will need to return to single file. I’ve chosen the route carefully and I think it is one we could use often because it is relatively quiet and also undulating rather than hilly. You may like to use a low gear to climb hills (when possible) and develop the skill of spinning up the hills which links to maintaining consistent power and heart rate.

Who is this for? From my point of view, you don’t have to be fit to ride with this training group. BUT, I hope that the intention is to become fit. Thus you would want to come along regularly through the winter in order that we develop our fitness and skills together. This is the start of a training plan which develops right through into having form and speed for next summer, sportive riding and meeting your own personal goals. It all starts Saturday!

Rob Barnes

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