Saturday 16 Road Ride – 8th November

Hah! Thought we’d get in first for a change…easy this week as we decided where we’re going last Saturday! 😀

So a trip to Roadford Reservoir it is!  Deux Alpes, Cadover, Yelvy around 10 for any loafers then Whitchurch, Tavy, Brentor and into the lanes we go.  I’m not that familiar with some parts of the route I found on Bikely so I’ll load the GPX and we can follow that, otherwise we’ll go through Chillaton and up to the old A30.  What can possibly go wrong 🙂  Cafe stop at the reservoir and the return journey will be just as easy! :-s

So it should be around 62 miles but by the time we get back, who knows!

Bikely route is here

Pace will be determinedly the group riding but is expected to be steady.

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