Saturday 16 Road Ride – 10th January

Well definitely looking a bit iffy for tomorrow so a suitably vague plan to go with it and we’ll decide on the day depending how right or wrong the forecast is!

Vague plan is to head up through Deux Alpes and on to Yelverton where we’ll make a further decision on the route. But we’ll try to keep the wind behind us as much as possible, maybe head to Princetown and across the moors before turning back to the shelter of the lanes in the South Hams (welcome to Simon’s World!) and back the valley road. The intention is jus t to give ourselves as many options as possible! We’ll still aim for 50-60 miles though.

As we’re meant to be riding base miles, pace will be strictly kept to a level that keeps most people in that zone. Be prepared for it to feel slow, it should!

Definitely a day to apply Rule #5 and Rule #9

Hope to see you there! (assuming I actually get the bike fixed after last weeks mashing of the mechanicals!)

p.s. Cheers Gav, been a long week for those of us who have turned up every day 😉

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