Saturday ‘16’ Road Ride – 7th April

Chapeau to Rob Barnes who has volunteered to lead this week’s 16 Ride and has come up with a great route with some old favourites and a few new bits.

The ride will start from the usual meeting point at B&Q car park, Plympton at 09:00am. We will climb up onto Lee Moor before making our way towards Burrator, after a swift lap of the reservoir we will cut off just before the finish to turn right, this will bring us to the foot of Peak Hill. From here we will head to Princetown and on to Postbridge and then take a right around the back of Belliver Forrest. We usually turn right again here to drop down to Dartmeet, but not today. Instead we will go straight on to head down to Ashburton via Holne Hill for a café stop. Heading back we will use the route 27 of the National Cycle Route back through Buckfastleigh and South Brent to get back to Wrangaton. Here’s a chance for any of those who need extra miles to head off along the Modbury road. For the rest of us we will head home through Ivybridge and Lee Mill back to Plymouth. Distance 60 miles.

Thanks again Rob for leading the ride and, if anyone has any ideas for new routes and or would like to lead a ride in future, please let us know.

Ian Roberts

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