Saturday 16 Road Rides – 26th October

By Rob Barnes:
Last week some of us calculated our zones and Jim was saying that if you want to improve performance you’ll need to do 2 things – Firstly develop a good base (which, for most of us, means slow down on long rides) and then develop power by doing harder (i.e. faster) rides with planned recovery periods between.

This week the B’s will ride at base, and those not wanting to ride slowly will form the A group and do a slightly longer route covering an extra seven miles and then pick up the same route to Launceston from Roborough onwards and be in pursuit of the B’s with us all meeting at the Cafe stop which is the Workmen’s Cafe in Launceston. On the way back we can all ride together and add a new skill to group riding of riders “sitting in” or not taking a turn so that the A group can maintain a tempo whilst the B’s sit in. Or else the A’s can push on home if they so wish.

Group B – Led by Rob Barnes

I am mindful that we have led several rides under  the banner of being base and endurance training but some of us have been riding more on the limit than is required for that. So the B group ride will be a slow ride staying at endurance pace.

Group A –

A tempo ride in pursuit of the B group. When the groups combine this group will ride at the front protecting the B’s from the wind. Should be good! I hope we have enough to make two groups in the morning. I will need to exchange mobile numbers with someone just in case there are any problems such as mechanicals. Please everyone familiarise yourself with the route.

I personally have calculated my zones using maximum heart rate using those given in The Black Book of Training (one of those books mentioned by Dave Fletcher).


(Peter Read 1999)
MHR Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
55-65% 65-75% 78-85% 85-95% 95%
210 136 157 178 199 +
200 130 150 170 190 +
190 123 142 161 180 +
180 117 135 153 171 +
170 110 127 144 161 +

Below lactate Level 0 = long easy recovery rides after very high intensity racing, training or illness. Sessions of extremely light effort are more recuperative than total rest. Effort at this level will always feel too easy!

Lactate Level 0-1 = long endurance training rides of 4 hours or more. This type of effort is used to build an aerobic base on which to train speed and power. Ensure you include one session each week in your programme.

Lactate Level 1-2 = hard controlled rides of 2.5 to 4 hours, builds power and stamina in readiness for long races. Might feel too easy to start with but this level of riding will take its toll if you haven’t already trained a decent aerobic base.

Lactate Level 2-3 = short hard training rides of 30 – 90 minutes, long intervals of 0.5 – 2.5 miles, fast bit and bit with riders of equal ability. This is true speed work, ensure you rest well after training at this level.

Lactate Level 3-4 = can be counter productive in big doses. Use no more than once a week for short intervals of approximately 1 minute in duration. This type of training is extremely demanding, ensure plenty of recovery before training again. To be attempted no later than Wednesday if racing at the weekend.

Rob Barnes

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