Saturday 16 Road Rides – 2nd November

Group B Training Ride – Saturday 2nd November, meet B&Q Plympton 9am (or 9.40 at Torpoint Ferry)

Led by Kim Wiltshire and co-leader Simon Pope we’ll head out along the Embankment, through Plymouth to the Torpoint Ferry. Then it’s out to St.Johns, Mount Edgecombe then Rame Head following the coast along to our cafe stop at Seaton. From Seaton it’s Hessenford then back on the relatively quiet A374 to Torpoint. Once back into Plymouth we hope to put extra some extra work in through Cattedown, across the Laira Bridge up to Elburton.

The route offers plenty of opportunity for our disciplined group riding tightly in pairs and for through-and-off training. If necessary we will split the group into two units. look forward to seeing you all.

Saturday Training Rides – A and B Groups: These rides are for people who are looking to develop their cycling performance and who wish to ride in a structured group following good group riding practice. They are aimed at people who already have a level of fitness. Novice cyclists who should try one of the other Yogi rides first.

For the period before Christmas and into the new year there is an emphasis on developing an endurance base. As cycling events get closer and the weather warms up there will be opportunities for developing speed, power and to continue with endurance base riding. Fast rides will also feature. Groups will aim to have no more than 12 riders, and to facilitate this , there could be a split into A and B groups. There may be more than one ride and route offered, to facilitate various types of riding and keep group numbers manageable.

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