Saturday A Road Ride – 11th April

Thanks to Yorkie for volunteering to lead this week’s “A” road ride:

Off on my favourite route out to South Brent via the usual route through Ivybridge and back roads. Might climb up under the viaduct at Bittaford.
Up to Marley Head then down the Dartington Road but will be turning off before Dartington to enter Totnes on the Avonwick Road.
Cafe stop at Riverside Cafe (Which is now open again for the summer).
On leaving we will climb the Kingsbridge Hill and take a left through Ashprington and back roads to Harbentonford, then a nice leisurely ride alongside the River Harbourne before climbing to Diptford.
Drop down to Avonwick then back to South Brent via the back roads and return to Plymouth.
Remember this is a 12 speed ride and I will hold the ride to that average. If you start jumping off the front and generally winding the pace up you may be asked to cycle elsewhere. This is not a Wednesday night testosterone ride.



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6 Responses to Saturday A Road Ride – 11th April

  1. Rob Bowen says:

    Roughly what mileage is that route please?

  2. Paul Cunningham says:


    just over 45 I think

  3. Neil McAlister says:

    Thanks Yorks! Great ride today with a nice group and paced just right. Nice route back too, always enjoy seeing places I’ve never been to before.

  4. Trevor Monk says:

    Thanks for a great ride today Yorkie, 50 miles is the furthest I have rode for a while and lots of bits I have never been on before!

  5. Jon Price says:

    Cheers Yorkie, l really enjoyed the route, this was a well led ride,good cafe stop and the usual Yogi banter.

  6. Mark Reed says:

    That’s how a 12 ride should be done! Just what I needed to get the legs moving again after a four week lay off! Well led Yorks and enjoyed your briefings. The route is in the Garmin so one I will be doing again.

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