Saturday A Road Ride – 11th July

BIG Thank you to Yorkie who has volunteered to lead the “A” ride this week, his route as follows;

Out from B & Q to Bittaford up and under the Bridge to take the back route to South Brent.

Up through the village to the back road towards Buckfastleigh where we will take the cycle route to Totnes.

Coffee at the Steamer Quay Cafe.

On completion up through the back streets to Kingsbridge Hill and ride the cycle path to the Ashprington turning. Ashprington then follow the river to Harbornford and on to Diptford, back via South Brent.

A slightly longer ride that is nearer to 50 than 45, will be ridden at an average of 12 with fewer stops than on the 10 so if you are considering stepping up to the A please ensure that you are comfortable with the distance and speed, I will add there are plenty of points for turning back if you are not happy with the distance.

Have a great ride all and thanks again. Alex

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