Saturday B Road Ride – 25th April

I was going to head out over the moors this weekend, however looking at the weather forecast I don’t fancy being up there if it rains. So provided my health holds out, we will head out on my favourite ride.

From B&Q car park, Plympton at 09:00 We head out to Bittaford and up under the viaduct  to South Brent and Marley Head. Across the A38 and then down towards Dartington but turning right and taking the country lanes to the Avonwick. Totnes road into Totnes for a stop at the Steamer Quay.

Short and punchy climb out of Totnes going part way up Kingsbridge hill and a left to Ashprington  Then the pleasant trip down to Harbetonford. Here we will follow the River Harbourne along the valley before climbing to Diptford. A drop from Diptford down to the River Avon and Avonwick heading towards the A38. We hang a right and slight climb back into South Brent. For the more cafe orientated there’s a chance of a second stop at Wrangaton cafe before the mad dash through Ivybridge and back to B & Q. The distance is around about 50 miles. I dont plan to ride much above 12  MPH. So if you feel like upping the pace and jumping off the front feel free and start your own faster group, if not stick around for the usual B BBBBBBBBBanter.




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