Saturday B Road Ride – 18th July

The ride leaders this week are Alex Warren and Debbie Hancock. Thank you both for volunteering, their route as follows;

Leaving B&Q we will take the cycle path down the Embankment and the through the Cattedown wharves and round the Hoe to the Torpoint Ferry (which used to be a regular YOGi route but which seems to have fallen into disuse recently) where we will pick up any riders wishing to meet us there before crossing the Ferry no earlier than 9.45.

Leaving the Torpoint  Ferry we will take the low road past St John lake and then along Trevol  Road past HMS Raleigh to Antony. We will then head for to Polbathic, where we will turn right and proceed through St Germans towards Tideford.  Instead of turning right to Tideford at the bottom of the hill, we will turn left and pass under the A38, before joining the lane passing though Cutmere and Bethany.  From Bethany we go to Menheniot and then on to Merrymeet.  From Merrymeet  we proceed to Pensilva for the Cafe Stop at Angies Pantry. (29 Miles from B&Q)

The return leg from Pensilva is down to St Ive, and after crossing the Callington-Liskeard road, through the lanes to Blunts, then we will follow the usual YOGi route through Tideford to St Germans and Polbathic, where we join the road back to Torpoint.

The total ride distance, from B&Q  back to the Ferry is 49 miles.

Enjoy you ride!

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