Saturday B Road Ride – 19th September

Thanks to Mark Reed for volunteering to lead the B ride this weekend. Route looks to be a good one with a Trip to the Haunted Jamaica Inn!!!

*** 0900 hours at the ferry**** Route as follows: Torpoint to Trulefoot crossing the A38 to Bethany (care here) then back lanes to Blunts. Its then a flat ride to St Eve crossong the A390 to Pensilva. From here we travel to Crows Nest, Darite and through the Draynes valley for another flat ride with a gentle climb at the end to Jamaica Inn. After a well earned rest we set off around Colliford lake enjoying the views, dropping back down to the Draynes valley to start the long steady climb back to Minnions. Its then a long decent to Upton Cross, again care here as road narrows towards the bottom, and on towards Middlewood and Berriowbridge for another long gradual climb to Congdon Shop. Here we have a long section of flat road through Coads Green and Bray Shop and on to Kelly Bray and Callington. We will stay on the main road back to Saltash.

See you all on Saturday, 0900 at the ferry!

Route can be found here on Strava

Total distance 65 miles 5311 feet of climbing.

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