Saturday C Road Ride 24th October… Foxtor calling 🙂

A return to a route we did a few months ago, going to be showery, sunny, mild, but mainly breezy!!  so what better time to take a trip up Pork and Merrivale with a nice push from the West? 🙂

The route will take us along Eggbuckland road out to the bridge…any late risers meet us there, (we’ll leave there no earlier than 0935), after that we’ll take the new bridge over the Carkeel roundabout and head up the Callington road.  When we reach the Hatt roundabout we’ll decide on either the back road or the main road, decided by the size of the group, at the moment the plan will be to keep a tight and disciplined group up the main road to Callington.  From Callington we’ll head across to Gunnislake and up the nice little climb to Gulworthy.  Straight on over the roundabout and through Tavistock…no sneaky stops at Bob’s! and then straight up Pork and Merrivale with the wind to help us up and into Foxtor for a well earned coffee.

Post coffee we all know the way home, into a breeze across the moor to Yelverton and back in across Roughborough, route is just under 50 miles with Foxtor at 35 miles in so bring enough food and drink to get you there.

Full route can be found here

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