Saturday C Road Ride – 11th March

Thankfully I’m back on it this weekend following my Daughters birth and my wife’s recovery from labour, so I’ll lead the C ride.

However I’ll only be out until about 12 due to commitments in the afternoon. So with this in mind I’ve not actually come up with an exact route. I’m planning about 50-60 miles or so and was thinking a local loop. So perhaps heading out to Elburton and doing Brixham, Yealmpton, Modbury, California Cross, Avonwick, back lanes to Marley head and back via South Brent, Ivybridge, Cornwood, Dragon Hill up to Lee Moor and back down to Colebrook / Plympton.

I’ve not planned for a Cafe stop due to my time restrictions, however that doesn’t stop anyone wishing to do so perhaps somewhere like Wrangaton Cafe.

See you tommorrow

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