Saturday C Road ride – 12th March

Back for a early season tester, my favourite and popular return trip to Roadford Reservoir.

Starting from B&Q we head up Deu’z Alpes up onto Lee Moor / Cadover Bridge / Yelverton / Walkhampton / Horrabridge and then up Jordan Lane.

Following a route close to Tavistock Golf club, we then descend down onto Moorshop (Pork Hill road) and climb back up towards Brentor.

Heading for Chillaton / Tinhay / Left at Sprytown and onto Roadford Reservoir, where we will eat plenty.

Leaving the Cafe we head back towards Sprytown, take a left this time towards Lewdown and loop back towards Chillaton. We follow a similar route back home but this time go into Tavistock Centre / Whitchurch / Yelverton / Roborough and accross the line @ B&Q

Full route details attached here (Ignore my ride in from Ivybridge)

Approx 70 miles & plenty of climbing so be prepared!!

Hope to see you there

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