Saturday C Road Ride – 8th August (Please read)

Unfortunately we have been unable to find a Ride leader for the C ride this weekend, which as a result means that the “Official” club santioned C Road ride will be cancelled.

With the weather forecast looking favourable tommorrow, i’m sure that we can expect a good turn out of riders. Therefore we ask that those taking part to jointly agree a route and ensure they ride within our club ethos.

Again we must strongly emphasise that any ride created in this way will not be a club sanctioned / official ride therefore is not covered by Club Insurance. The club therefore will not and cannot be held liable.

A reminder that our club is run solely by volunteers. Too which of late it has been increasingly difficult to find ride leaders. If you feel you can help then please do let us know, even if you have never experienced doing so, please do not be afraid to ask.

Thank you again and I hope you all have a great ride.



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