Saturday D Christmas Ride – 19th Dec

The plan for this week is for a ride that returns to P-town via the White Thorne in Shaugh Prior to meet up with the other rides for Christmas beer and cheer! 😀

So having seen a lot of the South Hams over recent weeks I thought we could head across to Cornwall via the ferry, out through Hessenford to Looe, up to Dobwalls and Minions then back via Gunnsilake, Tavistock & Shaugh Prior.  Suggested route is here!  Looks like another wet and wild one so as ever quite happy to change it around on the day according to the consensus. (Not at all making it up as I go along).

I’m planning on continuing with base rides so again quite happy if others want to do something a bit quicker.  If it’s really grim we can always do something shorter, head back earlier and get changed before heading out to the pub! As we see so little of the other rides this is a good opportunity to catch up and show our support for the club!

Meet at B&Q at 8:30 as usual, if you want to leave a car or stuff at the White Thorne before the ride just let me know. It’s a quick sprint down the trail to B&Q so not a problem!.

Hope to see you there tomorrow but if not HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!


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