Saturday D Road Ride – 28th March

For the avoidance of doubt, the ‘D’ ride is the artist formerly known as the ’16’ 😀

So to make up for last weeks slackness, thought I’d get in a wee bit earlier with this week’s ride.
The planned route is to head out through Ivybridge and Ashburton to Bovey before turning towards Mortenhampstead and on to Okehampton. Coffee stop will be at the Railway and then it’s down the track (not literally, the trail next to the track!), hopefully we’ll remember the right place to come off the track and rejoin the A386! Then down to the Lydford turn before hanging a right and heading that way and on to Brentor. Then the fast and furious descent in to Tavy, taking care on “Simon’s Hill”, I’ll explain that one if I need to! Then take our pick on the route back, but probably Whitchurch and home, but if anyone wants to chase the March Fondo, Pork and Merrivale are there for the taking!!

Total route is around 82 miles and can be found here!

Normal 16 D rules will apply! Pace will be determined by the group riding and the route may change if decided by the group!

Hope to see you there for the inaugural D ride and a great day out on the bike! 🙂

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