Saturday D Road Ride – 15th August

Thanks to James Cox for his cunning plan for this weeks D ride…

With the weather improving, no honest it is, 😉 James thinks we’re overdue a trip to the seaside. So it’s a YOGi favourite and we’re heading for Dartmouth and looping back through Slapton. It will probably be out through Gara Bridge and back through Loddiswell but we’ll see what he’s got planned or make it up on the day in the usual D style!
The route should look something like this!

Despite it looking like November out there at the moment, D summer rules are still in operation! So this means we’ll be off from HQ at 08:00; pace will be steady; route may change slightly especially if we take another wrong turn and the cafe stop will be after 45+ miles so be prepared! 😀

Hope to see you there for more fun on the bike

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