Saturday D Road Ride – 16th May

Well this week’s extravaganza will be led by none other than our very own mental Micky, who has decided there has been too much slacking of late so has planned a little century ride for us to, err, umm, enjoy?

A man of few but well considered words, his route takes us through Tavistock to Holsworthy and on to Bude. Then its back through Launceston. He does casually mention Tintagel which I guess means there might be the odd small climb involved. Anyway, it’s sure to be another great day out so come and join us.

Stops will be as needed but come prepared as we’re likely to get over half way before a stop. As ever, pace will be determined by those riding and we will be working on keeping our small but perfectly formed group together! Well that’s the plan anyway….


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