Saturday D Road Ride – 24th October…Bring Your Climbing Legs!

Once again, thanks to Mike Smith for leading this week’s D ride….

Plan is to meet at B&Q at 8 where we head straight out to Ashburton and up Poundsgate for a bit of early lactate pain. He glosses over the next bit with a simple “head on through to Tavy’ so that will be across the renowned pan flat Dartmoor then Mike? 😉 After a pit stop in Tavy it’s on to Gunnislake, and up the last big climb of the day. Then Callington calls and the main road and a bit of a blast home to P-town.

Good route Mike, love it although remind me I said that on Saturday!! 😀

Look out for the C ride who will be going in the opposite direction as far as Princetown anyway!

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