Saturday D Road Ride – 26th September

Mike Smith has volunteered to lead the D ride this week, and here’s what he’s got in store…

Leaving B&Q at 8 we’ll head out through Roborough, Tavistock, Chillaton, Lifton and on to Launceston. No stopping for pies as we head the lumpy route over (and up!) to Minions. Then it’s a quick blast up the Draynes Valley to Jamaica Inn and back down the other side to Dobwalls and on to Looe for coffee and sustenance. After Looe we head for home on the direct route where we’ll see who hasn’t been pulling their weight on the rest of the ride!! 😉

Looks a good route with a mix of some very fast stretches and some leg stretching climbs, nice one Mike! No idea on distance or climb but will have a go at mapping it out and updating the post later!


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