Saturday D Road Ride – 30th Jan

Thanks to Mike Smith for volunteering to lead the D ride this week, here’s his cunning plan:

Plan A is a Doccombe Loop taking advantage of the prevailing wind pushing us across the moor. Coffee stop in Buckfastleigh or Totnes depending on how we’re doing.

Given the forecast and the need to always have a Plan B, here’s that too: If raining hard, stay low and go from B&Q up to Buckfastleigh, Ashburton and up the Teign Valley to Morty with a loop back to Newton Abbot and on to Totnes.

Either option sounds good to me!

Plan is as per the usual for the D ride – meet at B&Q at 8:30 and see what’s happening!  Pace will be steady rather than brisk especially if I’m there!!  🙂

Hope to see you there for more fun on the bike!


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