Saturday D Road Ride – 5th Dec

The intention this week is to ride base winter miles with the minor caveat being that base does vary so it may not be base for everyone!  (Note base rides are usually ridden at a pace to keep in zone 2, which means going uphill can be very slow).

It’s possible some of the D ride guys may still want to ride a pace ride, that’s cool too so we’ll see who turns up and what they want to do on the day.  For both options the rides will leave B&Q at 08:30 but if you do want to do a pace ride I’d suggest posting in the comments below.

So the base ride will be led by James Cox and will take in Sparkwell, Cornwood, Buckfast and Totnes which probably means another visit to our new favourite stop, The Curator!  Return will probably be Avonwick, down the valley to Ermington and see just how wet we are before considering Yealmpton or straight back through Ivybridge.  Just for a change it looks a tad wet and windy!!

This would be a good opportunity to join y the D ride if you’ve been thinking about trying it, train at winter base and then build the speed as we get in to the season in 2016… 🙂


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