MTB Fun Ride – Saturday 16th July 2011 (Words)

Since I started riding a Mountain Bike and (joined Yogi) last November, I’ve been out almost every week except for holidays and once when I was late and left behind!  I’ve only ever started in the rain once, and that was last Saturday’s Fun Ride.  The discussion  in the car went along the lines of: “If no one else turns up I’m going home!….  – Oh b****r* lots of people!”, so we just had to go now.

It was pretty damp to start with, but once we were on the flowing tracks on our way from Roborough Rock to Double waters, it all seemed much better.    In fact it seemed perfect – when in the trees, it rained when we got up onto the top of the down in the open the sun came out (briefly!).

Something we have learned over the years in all of our outdoor sports is that it’s usually better once you get out and enjoy yourself – Mountain Biking is no exception.   Yes, we were wet, but not cold, and we were in Devon on a Mountain Bike – what’s not to like?

Penny of course always looks out of the window and says what a lovely day it is, even when it’s pouring down!  Such a motivator!

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