Saturday Leisure, ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Road Rides Cancelled

Hi all,

As you know we rarely cancel our road rides and only do so where there is obvious risk due to weather conditions.  Doing this now to allow those who so wish time to arrange other Saturday plans.

I have just been around south Dartmoor and then into SE Cornwall (driving sadly!) and every road is pretty much soaking wet with running water coming of fields and moorland.  It was pretty icey in Buckland Monochorum and Yelverton this morning and tonight we have been forecast a much more severe frost.  That suggests far more dangerous roads tomorrow.

Of course nothing to stop those of you who are prepared to take the risk from meeting up on a non sanctioned ride (at your own risk in other words!). Happy you post your intent below then like minded members can ride together.

I will very likely post an MTB ride later this eve it will be a non silly technical but genuine off road route.  Need to get a bike first and a plan just about to be confirmed or delayed!

The ‘D’ ride we allow to make their own choice by the way!


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