Saturday Leisure Ride – 19th April

This week, Big Al will be heading north from Plymouth and out onto Dartmoor:-

The ride will depart B&Q and we will make our way out to the moor via the traffic free Plymbridge Trail, Clearbrook and into Yelverton on the start of the Drake’s Trail.

At Yelverton we will follow the main B3212 out through Dousland, a nice climb up Peak Hill, ride across the moor and out to one of the YOGi’s favourite café stops, The Foxtor in sunny Princetown.

The café stop comes at around 14.5 miles into the ride, so please make sure you have enough fluid/nibbles to last you.

After a spell by the fire and hopefully refreshed and refueled with bacon sandwiches and coffee, we will leave Princetown heading north-west on the B3357 which takes us past the Prison and up to the junction at Rundlestone. Here we turn left towards Tavistock and take in the two wonderful and very long descents, (yes, I did say descents, I’m not all bad you know…..) of Merrivale and Pork Hill, with only a minor pimple of a climb in the between them.

In Tavistock we pick up Plymouth Road and opposite Lidl we hop left onto the Drake’s Trail again for another largely traffic free ride back to Harrowbeer where we join the road to skirt around the old airfield, Crapstone and Knightstone Tearooms. We turn right here and pass the Yelverton Golf Club to avoid as much of the main drag across Roborough Down as possible. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding the very last section of the A386 back to Plymouth but when we get back to the Park & Ride at the George Junction it’ll be a simple run down through Leigham, Longbridge Road and our return to B&Q.

The ride distance is a ‘slight’ increase on our recent adventures at 36 miles, but in my defence the extra mileage is all downhill….. Honest!!!

I’m looking forward to getting out onto the ‘moors proper’ with the Leisure Ride and have ordered a tailwind for us on our way out to Princetown, however, it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway)that any ride across open moor land roads exposes a rider to the elements and in particular rain and wind chill. Should the weather be nasty on the day we will amend the plans accordingly but even if the conditions are good it is always worth taking a wind/waterproof jacket with you as conditions do change rapidly. We also have two long descents to negotiate and you will cool down very quickly on the run into Tavistock, so popping on a jacket will help maintain your temperature.

See you there.

Big Al

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