Saturday Leisure Ride – 27th February

Hi All,

It’s my pleasure to lead this week’s ride, and about time too, it’s along time since I last did so!  We are also conscious that we have not been able to provide a leader for this ride every week over this long wet winter 🙁 even though it is something we always try to do!  Thankfully though we have had members come forward on most occasions.

There is a caveat as there is a minor concern about tomorrows weather, especially on higher ground and so I have held of posting a ride hoping for a more certain forecast, however conditions remain very uncertain!  So posting to at least let those who want to go on this ride know it will go ahead just as long as this evenings forecast suggest it will be a safe riding day.

Whatever we are promised biting easterly winds so this route should keep us largely sheltered from them 😉

So route will be:-

Plym Valley Cycle Path – Yelverton – Walkahampton – Moretown – Tavistock (café stop at Bob’s East End Café) – Drakes Trail – Pound – Crapstone Green Lane – Roborough – Home – Circa 25 miles

As a reminder this ride will be kept at a pace that ensures it is suitable for those who are quite new to group riding, simply enjoy a social pace or simply want to build up for our other longer faster options. It is also the right ride for those trying our club rides for the first time or those not sure of their fitness level.

Look forward to riding with you all but do just check our road rides are going ahead as the final safety check will take place following this evening Spotlight weather forecast.


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